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LC UPDATE: Getting ready for Summer!

LynnMarvel HEADADMINSPONSOR posted Apr 24, 15

Since spring is coming to an end soon, the LC Staff team have been discussing certain events that will be coming up soon to have a more enjoyable summer on LC. Not only will we be having events but most of the servers will be reseting within the next few months. 

A few of the events to look forward to are:

  • Summer Build Competition
  • Prison Break
  • Daily events on SMP
  • Facebook Rewards (FINALLY)
  • Events on KitPVP 
  • Returning/ Special players
  • & MORE!

If you guys have some event ideas we should implement on the server please send us your ideas ideas here.

We hope to see you guys on more during the summer and the LC staff team will be working hard to make this summer more fun for everyone. Keep a look out on the website for annoucements coming out soon!

LockedCraft is back on twitter! 
Be sure to follow us at @LockedCraft for server updates, events, rewards, & more!

Thank you again for playing LockedCraft

cadbane86140 I am so pumped for the update
FreeMLG x 1 follower gg
GhostHunter617 I remember When SMP was the Only Server But The Best Server 300+ People Played Daily I hope that can happen again ...

When one door closes, another door opens

LynnMarvel HEADADMINSPONSOR posted Apr 1, 15


Thanks to all who actually supported us throughout this joke and we would like to thank the chosencraft staff for helping us out last min. We couldnt pull it off successfully without you guys. But we are not planning to sell the server anytime soon, we love the server and our staff is just getting started with improving it... it takes time but now we honestly see that you guys love our server, and we will try our best to keep it running.

Our server wide joke this year was this-

Graf just informed us earlier today that he will no longer be able to provide services for our LockedCraft anymore. He decided to merge with our brother server ChosenCraft owned by 9gigs who host & protects our server.


We will be merging servers soon and your ranks will be switched over to their server. 

ChosenCraft is very similar to ours such as servers, so we guarantee you will enjoy it. 

Our staff team wants to say thank you for everything, we appreciate you guys for being such a great player base! Some of our staff will switch over to chosen craft while some of us will just bid farewell...

Thank you guys so much for making LockedCraft the way it is, and we will never forget all the memories, we wish you good luck & have fun!

We will be experiencing a bit of turbulence here and there today because we are switching our files which will result in crashing for some servers and we are sorry for the inconvenience, but we will try to get everything fixed as soon as possible

Lockedcraft Staff team!

ItsTyTy Well that sucks, because I lost my rank anyway and I was hoping it might come back if there was a merge... about my rank ...
xMattPlaysMC Ugh I don't like ChosenCraft, their Arena is super laggy and hard to pvp on.

LC Update: SMP is back up!

LynnMarvel HEADADMINSPONSOR posted Mar 31, 15

As most players will probably have realized by now, most servers on the network have been experiencing issues with plugins as of late. Most servers have had donator/in game rank resets, and the Survival (towny) Multiplayer server remains offline. These issues are caused by several plugin related problems, and staff have been working hard to fix them. On behalf of the staff team, I sincerely apologize for these issues and the server downtime associated with them. Again, the staff team (primarily the admin team) have been doing our best to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

So... whats up? All servers (except for arguably the hub and sky-block) have ran into memory problems resulting in the deletion of many rank files. This was caused by space filling up on the servers dedi(cated file host). To restore as much as we could, we used a previous backup of ranks: On some servers, ranks were rolled back, while on others, ranks were flat out deleted. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused: we have deleted some files from the server's dedi, and luckily, this issue is unlikely to happen again.

If you have lost a donator rank, here is what to do: please be patient; Personally message an admin with at least one form of valid proof confirming your purchase. We want to believe you, but if we do not ask for proof, this system would be very easily abused. While are doing our best to return ranks in a timely manner, please remember that admins (as well as the rest of the staff team) are unpaid volunteers between the age of 14 and 21 (most of whom have a life).

  • Valid enjin receipt of your rank purchase w/ transaction ID:
    • When you buy a rank, this is sent to the email you provide
      (this option may take a bit longer for us to vailidate)
  • Youtube video showing you w/ the rank:
  • Permissions of that rank:  
    • For example, if you are overlord, having items in your two playervaults is sufficient proof
  • Name registration on buycraft:
    • If we can type your name into buycraft, and it shows the appropriate discounts show up, this is proof (this option may take a bit longer for us to vailidate)

If you lost a non-donator rank (prison), there is sadly nothing we can do about it. We do not keep backup logs of normal gameplay (as those would be very large). We apologize for this inconvenience, but again, this error should hopefully not reoccur in the future.

The issues regarding the towny server are more complicated than simple rank losses. Multiple plugins are experiencing issues, namely stargate, creativecontrol, bettershops, prism (similar to logblock), and modreq. The server was white-listed to staff only to give us time to combat these issues. Many of the more serious issues can only be resolved by [retired] Leahsome, who is still volunteering her time to help us out.

Most donator ranks will have reset/rolled back on towny; if you were affected by these changes, please follow the procedures given above. When the dedi filled up on Friday, many people lost their balances, town balances, nation balances, and home-sets. We are unfortunately unable to rollback these changes, as the physical files were removed. Although this problem has since been resolved, and it is unlikely to happen again, we have decided to just fully do an eco reset. Everyone starts with $500, but if you are a donator you would be able to do /bonus to receive the rest of your money. Along with the eco reset, we are going to disable town taxes for a week so towns are able to put money back into their banks so their towns do not fall.

I am also pleased to announce that after the towny server returns, you will notice we have installed HeroChat. This plugin allows for different chat channels, for example, local and global.
Thanks for your patience with the LockedCraft network, and have a good day.

LockedCraft Staff Team

PS: Please do not post about lost ranks on the forums. These posts are impractical to check, and will not get you anywhere.

maddogtherobot Thank you for the update!
LeviG2 SPONSOR Thank you for the update Lynn! Hope to see good things come to LC.
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