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Hey everyone
hey graf
and can u tell me what is the seed of this server because i am finding slime chunks
can u make sand fall in faction server
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Skyblock Update

Graf33 aOWNER posted Feb 8, 14
Hey LockedCraft!

Due to the frequent lag and disconnecting that has been experienced on our Skyblock server over the past few weeks, we had no other choice than doing a major update. Unfortunately, we weren't able to update our Skyblock plugin without having a world reset which is what we had to do. Everyone will have a chance to start fresh and build the largest island on the server.

Don't worry, if you were already playing on our Skyblock server, you aren't going to start with empty pockets. You can use /bonus to claim your start bonus of $1500 in-game money anytime within the next 2 weeks. If you were a donator, you will receive the amount that you originally received upon purchase of your rank. So, join us now on /server skyblock and enjoy a lag free Skyblock experience.

Have fun,

Ciel8D Gnash I don't think we'll get anything, I think it means they are deleting everything including your money.
awesomeman1324 there's still the same amount of lag in the skyblock and restart didn't help i would look to more complicated solutions ...
Gnash348 But how is that fair to those who have tons of money and a fancy island me and my friend received about 200000$ and our ...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Graf33 aOWNER posted Dec 25, 13

Hey LockedCrafters!

I know I haven't posted on our website for months but I figured I should not miss the opportunity to wish each and every player a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I still wish you happy holidays! We got lots of new stuff coming in 2014 and we can't wait to show it to you.

Once again, thanks a lot for all the support. I truly appreciate everyone who plays, votes or donates for the server. We wouldn't be where we are at now without you guys. It's the perfect time to buy a rank if you don't have one already. Visit our online store here.

Happy holidays,

Jocker112 HAPPY UPCOMING NEW YEAR GRAF!! P.S. try to log onto the server a litte more ;)
MLG_KITTEN I hope santa brought you all alcohol and kittens, including you Meeped.
Meeped I thought you celebrated hannukah because your store prices are so high
The Top 5 Builds have been graded!!

* First Place - Goes to RrrGame for an amazing "Big Ben" Clock

Second Place - Goes to Gravy20017 for an exceptional recreation of the Myan Temple in Mexico

Third Place - Goes to Sorean for an excellent display of detail in creating the "Space Needle'' 

Fourth Place - Goes to TheAwesomeOne01 for building a stunning recreation of the Lincoln Memorial 

Fifth Place - Goes to Boogabum787 for a great creation of the 'Big Ben" clock.

The first through third place winners will get a [Builder] prefix with any colors of their choosing to show everyone on the server they are the best builders, in addition to $50,000 Cash in-game. The Fourth and Fifth place winners will get $50,000 cash in-game also

We want to thank everyone who participated in the competition, but sadly we could only pick 5 to show but for the most part everyone did a great job.

Minecraft_man_II I have some of my own on own server, where do i post at?
GlodenFuze Wow that is EPIC how long does it take?!?!
CandyWolf_18 When Are They Going To Have Anther Building Thing ...
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