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Funny how people complain on the servers and are telling the head-admins to do work while one of them is doing nothing and the other is working on their own server :sick:
is lc under maintenance?
@Matt, I may as well put out an update.[link]
Seems like someone didn't read the Terms of Service. Could you also not capitalize every letter in your messages? Or spam the Shoutbox? You could of easily made a Contact Us instead :sick:...Also it's "I am" or "I'm" not a combo of the two, just saying.
You do not have access to shout
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SMP only Event

Many of you guys have been waiting and it has finally arrived!
This chance is for you guys to prove to everyone on the server that you are the best builder! We will be giving out prizes to the top (3) builders. The judging will be done by our a few members from our Staff/Build team and will be graded on creativity, originality, and detail. This is a 3 week event (August 1st- August 22). Submissions must be submitted by August 22, 11pm PST for it to be counted in the competition. Once you have completed your build; please contact a member of staff so they can mark down the location of your build.

LockedCraft's 2015
Summer Build Competion

has now commenced!

Winners recieve:
- a discount on a rank up or even a free rank!
- The Tag [Builder] (in any color you would like)

- Cash Prizes
- Your builds will be featured on the server and on our homepage
- Your builds will also be exported and be featured in the next reset as one of our server builds 

1. This is a solo build competition, if we find that 2 players have built on the same build, you will be disqualified. 
2. Creative mode is allowed if you donated for it (Do not ask for creative if you did not already pay for it)
3. Do not ask an admin to world edit for you, we wont.
4. Do not copy peoples builds.
5. All server rules apply.

Summer Get Away
Build your ideal summer get away (Cottage, resort, island, etc). Show us what you feel your perfect get away would be.

Here is a example that one of our server builders have came up with to help you guys start some ideas:

Need a little get away? Travel to your private island on your ship.

Will post more examples within the next few weeks. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
Good luck to each and everyone of you!

Disclaimer: Those whom had won the build competions previously will no longer have their [Builder] tag once the new winners declare their rewards.

Myal ツ When will you guys announce the winners? its passed more than 3 months
darkmom52 My coords for my entry are: x -9806.809 y 71.06250 z -9430.188 this is a Hotel Spa and beach resort and includes the ...
Drakinite Uhhh we can't really enter if the server is offline

LC Update: New Hacker Reporting System

LynnMarvel aHEADADMINSPONSOR posted Jun 21, 15

New Hacker Reports!

After so many players making hacker threads and staff members not being able to keep track, we decided to incorperate it with our website so we will be notified with hacker threads every time we sign on to the website. We would also be able to comment and ask for more info if needed.

To access the Report page either press the Report button on the Top Bar on the website or type in www.LockedCraft.com/Report

We no longer will be giving away hacker gear for approved hacker reports but we will still reward each approved report with some in-game cash.

Thank you everyone for still continuing to help report hackers, and we hope that this system will work a bit better for everyone.

Report Page

Hacker Report

Please let us know in the comments on how you think this is going, since this is the first time we have used this on the website.

awesomeperson08 I don't see hackers much....not on skyblock at least....no one's on skyblock
Drakinite That was a good move, guys. Kudos! =)

LC UPDATE: Getting ready for Summer!

LynnMarvel aHEADADMINSPONSOR posted Apr 24, 15

Since spring is coming to an end soon, the LC Staff team have been discussing certain events that will be coming up soon to have a more enjoyable summer on LC. Not only will we be having events but most of the servers will be reseting within the next few months. 

A few of the events to look forward to are:

  • Summer Build Competition
  • Prison Break
  • Daily events on SMP
  • Facebook Rewards (FINALLY)
  • Events on KitPVP 
  • Returning/ Special players
  • & MORE!

If you guys have some event ideas we should implement on the server please send us your ideas ideas here.

We hope to see you guys on more during the summer and the LC staff team will be working hard to make this summer more fun for everyone. Keep a look out on the website for annoucements coming out soon!

LockedCraft is back on twitter! 
Be sure to follow us at @LockedCraft for server updates, events, rewards, & more!

Thank you again for playing LockedCraft

Nooch2010 si if staff can get it back that would be great cause i dont 70$ to go to waste ...
Nooch2010 i have lost my 70$ titan rank in skyblock and have not gotten it back
Nooch2010 I have a question for the staff when can i get my rank back
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