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@GEEnoes The server is running on 1.7 just players with either minecraft 1.7 or 1.8 versions are able to join the server, but none of the new items from 1.8 can be used.
why don't LC just put back 1.7 till they can get things fixed and the correct plugging. Just keep it simple like that people can enjoy LC while we wait.
@BASSbros No other server is completely 1.8 yet. If you haven't heard, there's no more bukkit, and bukkit was the base of everything.
i meen i wast the money
it look like i spent my domb money for nothing wow i bought a rank in factions and now its gone !!!:[
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So as many of you are aware, LockedCraft Network is having some plugin issues as we move closer to the 1.8 reset. While we are doing our best to stay on top of these and let you guys have an enjoyable experience up until the reset, there is some things we can just not fix. Over the next few weeks items may or may not go missing from your chests, vaults and storage areas. This is an issue we can not assist with currently. We are deeply sorry if you lose items due to our server messing up but it comes as the price of getting ready to give you a complete 1.8 reset. Issues with missing ranks will be addressed as soon as possible and this is an issue we will be able to assist with. If you notice your missing a rank, contact us via on /server smp then type /modreq (issue) or contact any admin personally on the website/in-game or on teamspeak (Voice.lockedcraft.com)

Please note: We will be checking to make sure you actually purchased the rank to avoid people from getting illegal ranks that they did not purchase. If we ask you to provide proof is it not because we think your are lying but because we are trying to be extra careful in our process to restoring your lost rank. 

With all of that being said, please be ready for more issues to arise and we will do our best to combat these issues in a timely manner. 

-Sincerely, McJbob & The LockedCraft Admin Team 
_Space_Miner Help! I am not a part of my town anymore! I have not been on for months due to school, but I logged in today to find out ...
AlexRossMay i had mine done almost the day I logged on (sorted by lynn)
Fawfull Thanks for helping the server JBob! :DDD We really appreciate what you guys are doing for us. Take the all time you need ...

1.8 Issues

Leahsome aHEADADMINSPONSOR posted Sep 3, 14
Now that Mojang has finally decided to release 1.8 (took them long enough) some of our servers need to update to the new UUID data saving system. This system issues players a UUID (Universally Unique ID) in preparation for their feature to allow for name changing.

Because many plugins store their data via player names, most plugins have been forced to adapt to this new UUID system. For that reason, some of our plugins (Including Essentials, GroupManager, Towny, and PlayerVaults, maybe more) are causing some errors.
Example: Some players have had their balance reset and homes erased on SMP/PvP, while on KitPvP everyone has had their PVs reset. I felt the need to make this post to let people know that I'm not sitting here relaxing with no care in the world. I am trying everything I can to get everything back to normal, so please give me some time.

Right now, SMP and Prison are down due to the fact that prison is having problems converting the player.dat files into uuid files. If prison can't accomplish this, there is a good chance that some if not all players would lose their inventory and ender chest.

SMP is also having problems with players balance and homes being reset, however we've noticed that the same goes for some player towns. We may have to disable town taxing by the server for a while so towns that have been inactive for a little while have the chance to get some money in their bank. I really wanna fix this ASAP, but as you can see there are a lot of issues and a lot of options to consider. So please, give me some time.

~ Leah
BASSbros my rank os gone some one help i was premium in kit pvp
Throttle You go server staff!
Myal ツ I was Elite now I'm Regular ! plz rank me up
Due to an increase in applications from known spammers, we have had to clear out all current applications for staff. We are sorry if you are one of the few people who had a legit application waiting to be reviewed. If you are still interested in applying you can resubmit an application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also with this new cleanse comes a new policy for our recruitment. We will do our best to have no application sitting "idle' for more than 7 days. Every week before our meeting we will with cancel/reject/approve all current applications so rest assured you will not be kept waiting for months like before. 

Sincerely, McJbob.

(Side Note): We have always had a rule on the server stating that if you ask for your application to be reviewed, it would be denied immediately. We have overlooked this because of how infrequently we were able to look at all of the applications, but starting now we will enforce this rule. This rule also applies to all hacker threads. DO NOT ASK US TO LOOK AT THEM. We will get to them when we are able to. Thank you and have a nice day. 

Sincerely, KageTsukasa
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